Welcome to mgr.gr

The mgr.gr is a new website that consists mainly of chords and lyrics to a multilingual possibility

This is a personal collection of songs that I've done "collecting" them from the internet and friends over the last ten years.
The need for a comprehensive registration to be filed properly covered through this site. But the advantages that arise are many more.

The main thing is definitely the portability and all friends of our site (and aspiring musicians) can have their favorite songs anywhere. Technology today provides us fortunately this ability through laptops and smart phones.

Another advantage that comes through such songs archive is to expand but also to improve the quality of the songs and through the system we aim to develop will have the ability to send new songs with chords by site users and improving existing ones.


Welcome and we hope to help as many people as possible with our effort.

What is mgr.gr .... The guitar magic of the internet is one more website for lovers of guitar! aspire to collect only chords and lyrics in a beautifully neat and functional website. The community as it is obvious has a multilingual orientation. Everything will be free without too many boring ads and additives.